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First-Year / Transfer / International

Congratulations – you’re in! The admitted student checklist is your way to stay on top of everything you need to know to become #UConnBound. So, what’s next?

First-Year Checklist
Transfer Checklist
International Checklist

Applicant Portal

Reply to your offer of admission, pay your enrollment deposit, view your financial aid award and more through the applicant portal. It’s important to check the applicant portal often to stay informed and for updates regarding the receipt of application documents.

Applicant Portal

Virtual Experiences

It’s never been easier to stay connected to our campus community. We have designed virtual visit opportunities to meet unique needs along with in-person opportunities, so you can connect with us anytime, anywhere.

Virtual Experiences

Class of 2025 Facebook Group

Join your Official Class of 2025 Facebook group to connect with new peers from around the world; swap questions, share tips, and discuss all things UConn.

Class of 2025 Facebook Group

Academic Calendar

Wondering when classes start? Or which holidays UConn observes? Our Academic Calendar has all of the key dates you’ll need to know.

Academic Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inside Scoop on First-Year

Sona Misra- Class of 2023

Hello everybody! My name is Sona Misra. I will be a sophomore at UConn Stamford this coming Fall! I am pursuing a degree in Financial Management with a minor in Computer Science. I am from Milford, Connecticut.

How was the transition from High School to College?
Personally, I did not find the transition from High School to College hard. The biggest difference I found between both was the workload. I have always believed time management is an important skill and coming to college proved that it is crucial for success. Although, the work load increased I felt that it was manageable as long as I used my time wisely.

What are some of your favorite part about UConn Stamford?
My favorite parts about UConn Stamford would be its location and its small class sizes. Our building is located in the heart of the city. We are surrounded by many companies that offer internships as well as jobs post-graduation. Not only do I have access to the opportunities in Stamford but, because of the proximity to New York City, I also have access to the internships and jobs there as well. The class sizes are also one of my favorite parts about the campus. When I was a senior in high school I thought I could excel in a class filled with hundreds of people. However, after attending UConn Stamford’s small class sizes for over a year I can see the value of having such a low professor to student ratio. Every professor I’ve had so far knows me by name and is able to better assist me because they know my weaknesses and strengths in the subject.


The Inside Scoop on Sophomore Year

Aileen- Class of 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Aileen, and Ijust finished my Sophomore Year at UConn Stamford. I was previously in the ACES (Academic Center for Exploratory Students) program as I was deciding what the perfect major for me would be. I can now happily say I am a Psychology major, which is by the way, the most popular major at our Stamford campus! I have definitely enjoyed all of the Psychology classes I have taken thus far, and definitely recommend anyone to take at least one Psych course throughout their UConn career.

How was the transition from High School to College?
If you are looking to get involved around campus and meet other students, I would definitely recommend joining some clubs and organizations on campus. I am currently involved in the Huskies for Charity club, and I recommend this club if you enjoy helping others by volunteering.

What are some of your favorite part about UConn Stamford?
UConn Stamford is definitely like a mini New York City, there are a ton of restaurants around the area, and most provide student discounts for UConn students. Two of my favorites would have to be Fiesta on Main, which is a Peruvian Restaurant and Jenna Marie’s, a deli. Both of these places are very close to campus! Stamford also has Mill River Park, where you can have some lunch with friends, go ice skating, ride the carousel, or simply take a stroll around. Our SGA (Student Government Association) has also provided our students with a variety of events that I have attended including, free milkshakes one day, stuff a husky, free movie nights, finals breakfast, and more! There is so much to do at UConn Stamford and I hope you get to enjoy it as much as I do.


The Inside Scoop on Junior Year

Karen Lopez- Class of 2021

My name is Karen Lopez and I am a Junior at UConn Stamford. I am from Greenwich, Connecticut and I commute to Stamford. I am a Psychological Sciences major, minoring in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. I chose Psychological Sciences as my major because I wanted to learn and understand how I could help others. I wanted to minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies because I wanted to explore how gender, race, class and sexuality shape ideas and social practices.

What do you like most about UConn Stamford?
UConn Stamford has resources where students can find job offers and internship opportunities. We have the Center for Career Development where students can meet full-time Staff Members for mock job interviews, resumes critiques, internships, and career fairs. We also have our website JobX for UConn Student Employment which allows students to look for work-study and study labor positions on-campus. One of the positions offered through JobX for UConn was to become a Tour Guide. After I applied for the position I was interviewed and got hired by the Admission’s team. As a fellow tour guide, I am able to meet new people and get involved on campus.

How is your Junior year compared to your Sophomore year of at UConn Stamford?
Classes tend to be a bit more challenging with the workload in comparison to your sophomore year. What I recommend is for students to reach out to their advisors, professors, and tutors at the library if they ever need help with their academics.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new UConn Stamford student?
A piece of advice I have for a new UConn Stamford student would be to be organized and keep track of assignment deadlines. I would suggest planning ahead by using calendars, planners or reminders on your phone that would allow you to manage your time wisely.

What are some of your favorite activities in Stamford?
I enjoy spending time with my friends at Target, the Stamford mall and local restaurants. One of my favorite stores at the mall is Abercrombie and one of my favorite restaurants is Acuario, a Peruvian restaurant.

Karen Lopez

The Inside Scoop on Senior Year

Melina Melendez - Class of 2022

My name is Melina Melendez, and I am a Senior at UConn Stamford. I am also from Stamford, CT! I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship and political science. I transferred to UConn my sophomore year, and since then I have found new academic interests, an amazing internship, and created lifelong friendships and connections with students and faculty through student organizations on campus.

What do you like most about UConn Stamford?
As a transfer student, the community at UConn- Stamford instantly made me feel at home. The campus is small, diverse, and makes sure all students feel included. There are also over 35 registered student organizations with tons of opportunities for students to get involved and make connections! My favorite thing about UConn-Stamford by far is the location! Aside from being a quick train ride to NYC, UConn-Stamford is located among Fortune 500 business headquarters in the heart of downtown, making internships and other opportunities accessible to students. Stamford, CT is not only my hometown, it is a busy city like town full of exciting amenities and opportunities.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new UConn Stamford student?
Get involved on Campus. There are so many events you can attend to meet new people and create friendships. You can also join a registered student organization on campus that interests you. If you can’t find a RSO that fits your wants and needs, you can also start a new one.


Melina Melendez