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Stamford Husky Leader Program

Husky Leaders

The Stamford Husky Leader Program has been created to enrich and support UConn-Stamford through various activities related to the recruitment of prospective students and welcoming of guests to the campus. Husky Leaders conduct tours to acquaint prospective students and guests with the campus, provide accurate information at all times, and present the positive spirit of UConn to all who visit this campus.

Meet Some of Our Leaders!

Kiersten K.

High School: Stamford High School; Stamford CT; 2013
Major: Psychology

“I like the fact that class sizes are small and that the professors are able to give you the one on one attention that you need if necessary. The staff and students here are very friendly and helpful which makes for a great environment to learn in. Students have many opportunities to prosper here in that there are various job opportunities as well as clubs and organizations. I like the fact that I am able to work at the Welcome Center and assist with the Husky Leader Program in between my classes.”

Ilda C.

High School: Westhill High School; Stamford CT; 2014
Major: ACES student with an intent on Business major

“Firstly, UConn gives endless opportunities to students to explore and find new interests about their major and/or minor; and that’s what I really like about pursuing my degree here. Also I have a chance to work with a faculty member about a research project based on data analytics; which is a very valuable experience. In addition, I am currently working on my internship which was linked through UConn, and being able to see the real business world further motivates me to pursue my degree in Accounting & Finance.”

RosaLinda S.

High School: Westhill High School; Stamford CT; 2014
Major: Environmental Science

What I love about studying at UConn is the feeling when I’m on campus. The campus always feels full of life, students are active and involved in many clubs and there is always so much to do. Even the teachers are so enthusiastic that their passion in the classrooms makes learning the material fun. There are so many clubs to join and so many activities to be a part of. It has the benefits of being a well-known university with the small community feel.

Roushan A.

High School: Westhill High School; Stamford CT; 2014
Major: Biology

“This school was in front of my eyes while growing up in Stamford. I wanted to go to UConn because to me, it was the perfect option. I barely looked at any other school. In addition, this school is a great option for myself because it offers so many majors and I was undecided when I entered the school. My decision was solidified when I was assigned to be an intern on behalf of the Stamford Government for UConn. The five weeks I worked here made me fall in love with the school as well as the people in it. Now that I am a student, I find the courses to be challenging and engaging enough to keep my interest. Eventually, I will have to do a campus change to Storrs, but I am intending to stay at UConn Stamford for as long as I can!”

Sarah W.

High School: Brien McMahon High School; Norwalk CT; 2012
Major: Psychology

“UConn-Stamford is a beautiful thing, and I can honestly say it changed my life. Neither of my parents went to college, and quite honestly I had no intention of going myself. When my parents saw that I got accepted into UConn they were ecstatic, and dare I say… forced me to go? I came in my first day closed minded and with the assumption that I was going to hate going to school so close to home, HOWEVER the second I walked into the University my perspective changed. I instantly felt welcomed by current students and professors! I felt like I was where I belonged and as I got more involved on campus I fell more in love with it. Some of my favorite things about UConn is the that we have a sorority (I’m the president) and this is how I’ve made some of my closest friends and the fact that the professors are always willing to go out of their way to help you succeed, I was able to form relationships with all of my professors, you can’t get that at most schools. Not to mention Stamford is a pretty cool place, there are some of the best restaurants, a mall and shopping. The best part? They’re all within a two minute walking commute!”

Amanda S.

High School: Kolbe Cathedral High School; Bridgeport 2014
Major: Psychology

I've never felt more at home anywhere else than here at UConn. I knew I wanted to spend my last two years of college at UConn and I made sure I would get it accomplished. This is my first semester here as a junior and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I absolutely love the diversity on the campus. The campus itself is such an eye catcher with all of its glass windows around letting in such amazing natural light. The faculty is extremely helpful and the students are super friendly which makes me feel very comfortable. The small class size is a plus because it makes receiving one on one help much easier. There are so many ways to get involved on campus (clubs, activities, etc.,) and with the Stamford community as well which is really nice. UConn Stamford offers endless amounts of opportunities and brings such positive energy to the students and faculty and I wouldn't want to have it any other way!

Nadesha T.

High School: Westhill High School; Stamford CT; 2014
Major: Biology

“What I like about attending UConn at the Stamford campus is how friendly everyone is. I am only a freshman and I feel like I’ve been attending UConn for years because the vibes you get from the students and faculty make you feel welcomed. With the UConn email you can pretty much get in contact with anyone on campus and it is very easy to find your way to class and around the building. This was important to me this year as I was worried about getting lost but now I know the school very well. Everyone on campus is helpful and friendly which makes the campus feel like a second home.”

Manuela P.

High School: La Doctora; Medellin, Colombia; 2009
Major: Communications

“What I like about UConn is the quality of the professors. So far all professors that I have had for my classes seems to be very knowledgeable about the topics and courses that they teach, which make the classes more interesting. Now, more specifically about our campus, here in the city of Stamford, what I like the most is that is located in the downtown which allow me to have access to a lot of places for my convenience and is close by companies and institutions that are recruiting interns constantly.”

Caio G.

High School: Hamden High School; Hamden CT; 2014
Major: Journalism

“UConn-Stamford is the best of both worlds. It offers the big Husky pride and big sports program of a flagship state university, and the small and intimate classroom experience of a small private college. Here at UConn-Stamford, students get individualized attention from professors and are able to take advantage of research projects, as well as internships here at Stamford or in New York City. The thriving city of Stamford is also a very exciting place to have a college campus. As a student, it has helped me greatly to take advantage of organizations offered on campus, such as the incomparable Husky Leaders!”

Destini P.

High School: Academy of Information Technology & Engineering (AITE); Stamford CT; 2014
Major: undecided

“At UConn the small class sizes give me the opportunity to have a personal relationship with my professors. The professors care a lot about our futures and want us to succeed.”

Marian A.

Major: Communications and minor in Business

“I have been here for 3 years and so far my experience has been good. At first I didn’t know UConn had many regional campuses until I started applying to schools. The biggest advantage this campus has than the main campus does not have is, students can get one on one time with their professors If there stuck on a question or just want extra credit. If I didn’t choose UConn I wouldn’t be were I am today.”