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Visiting Campus

Students socializing outside in a park at UConn Stamford

UConn Stamford is a modern facility with small classrooms, distance learning opportunities, up-to-date science labs, art gallery, Library Learning Commons, ELC (Experimental Learning Collaborative), Fitness Center, and Sports Club.

The Stamford campus is located at the heart of downtown Stamford. Stamford was voted #1 city in Connecticut, with exciting shops, restaurants, theaters, and movies. It has easy access from I95, Merritt Parkway, and the train station with a free shuttle to campus from the station Monday through Thursday. For more information about visiting Stamford, check out the Downtown Special Services District and City of Stamford's websites.

Special Virtual Information Sessions

Virtual Information Sessions

Application Tips and Tricks Virtual Session for Prospective Students
Learn more about UConn Stamford’s admission requirements and application instructions during this 30-minute virtual information session. From dates and deadlines to tips and tricks, tune in live as a member of our Admissions team shares what it takes to become a Husky.

Virtual Information Session about UConn Stamford!
Congratulations – you’re #UConnBound or maybe you just want to learn more about UConn! Join us for a 30-minute presentation to learn more about our academic programs, co-curricular offerings, and your new campus community. A member of UConn Stamford’s Admissions team will be available during this live session to answer any specific questions you may have.

Virtual Campus Tour
This is a great opportunity to gain a birds eye view of our campus from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to ‘tour’ the various areas of campus. A UConn Stamford Admission’s Team Member will be on hand to answer any questions you may have!

UConn Stamford Alumna Shares the Inside Scoop
Hear the inside scoop from a former UConn Stamford Student! Learn more about her journey, before, during and after life at UConn Stamford. This presentation will discuss ways to get involved on campus and tips and tricks to make the most of your time on the Stamford Campus.

Residential Hall Presentation
Take a peek into what Apartment-Style living in the heart of Downtown Stamford could be like! During this session, you have the opportunity to see what a typical UConn Stamford Residential Hall looks like. From the best study spots, to where to find the best food, our Admissions Team will give you the inside scoop of what it’s like to be a Husky living on campus.

You've been accepted, now what?
Congratulations! In this session, we will walk you through your next steps. We will explore campus life, downtown Stamford, Majors, and much more, to show you what it means to be a UConn Stamford Husky. We know you have questions, and we want to be sure we get them answered!

Accepted Students Virtual Lounges

We are so excited that you have been accepted to UConn Stamford and we can imagine that you can't wait to start learning more and connecting with other students. These lounges will allow you the opportunity to connect with other recently admitted students and with our Admissions Specialist. Congratulations!

Stamford Student Video Chat

Connect with a current student for a 15-minute, one-on-one video chat to learn more about life as a UConn Husky. Be sure to bring any questions you may have about becoming #UConnBound!

You & UConn

You & UConn Session: Are you looking to find out how UConn Stamford is a good fit for you? If you are looking for a personalized, one on one approach to learning more about UConn Stamford and how UConn can be the perfect fit for you, this is the right session. You will have the opportunity to meet with our Admissions’ Specialist either in person or virtually to discuss your individualized UConn plan!

Sign up for your ‘You & UConn’ Session today!

Frequently Asked Questions

UConn Tour Tips

  1. Bring your questions so either the Tour Guides or the Admissions Staff can answer them for you.
  2. Avoid High School vacation days as they are usually busy and fill up quick.
  3. Check for weather announcements at in the event of inclement weather. If UConn delays or is closed, tours will be cancelled.
  4. Check out our UConn Stamford and UConn websites!
  5. Plan to make other visits to UConn Stamford besides the tour in order to get a feel for what it really means to be a husky.
  6. Bring a family member or two, this will allow more questions to be asked – your guests might think of questions that never crossed your mind but are important.
3 UConn Students

Special Guest Tours

This tour is the perfect fit for a current Staff or Faculty member that would like to schedule a tour for a guest(s) or a School Counselor or Staff member that would like to visit UConn Stamford and our Residential Hall. Check out the video of our Residential Hall. We are looking forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Kevin McEvoy

Faculty Spotlight

Professory McEvoy

What courses do you teach at UConn Stamford?
I teach the subjects that I have experienced in the business world- marketing, advertising and sales. Specifically, I currently teach the undergraduate courses Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Professional Selling and Integrated Marketing Communications, (Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate Communications).

I also teach MBA Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communications, and have taught MBA Consulting Services, Consumer Behavior, Executive MBA Marketing Management, and an Executive Education course in Supply Chain Management.

Why did you decide to enter your field?
Marketing is so real. We discuss something in class and the next day you see it in the real world-advertising, sales, promotions, pricing, new products-it’s all there, and we all participate in the marketing process. My very first job after college graduation was as an insurance claim adjuster which I quickly discovered was not right for me. This led to an MBA in Marketing from Boston College, and marketing positions, two tech startups, and consulting.

I discovered that after 20 years in professional practice, I enjoyed teaching the subjects even more than actually doing it myself. I started teaching at UConn Stamford, earned my PhD at NYU in Business Education, and joined UConn Stamford full time in 2004. A Marketing education is like training for real life, and teaching it is the life for me.

What are some resources on campus that you would consider to be most helpful to students?
Faculty, staff and each other. Faculty because we are here to support our students. College students should realize that faculty uses the squeaky wheel philosophy-the squeaky wheel gets the extra oil. The students that speak up, ask, appear, volunteer, show real interest get more focus. The more you give the more you get - just like life.

Staff members are also very important. So many times I have heard students tell me they didn't know something they wish they knew earlier because they did not ask a staff member a simple question. And, of course, students have each other. Who better to discuss ideas, concepts, debate conclusions with than peers? That's where the action is.

How would you describe the UConn Stamford community?
Diverse. Unique. Hard working. Lots of fun. UConn Stamford is known as having the most diverse study body within the UConn community. We have students representing every country of origin, background, language, religion (or none) and race you can think of from all over the world. Stamford is unique. Stamford also has a growing number of student clubs representing the diverse interests of our students.

Stamford students take it all in stride. And, we all have lots of fun together, too. I’ve hit baseballs with students. I’ve had cream pies thrown in my face. And don't forget the talent and fashion shows. Best of all, there's the pay-off: our students get good jobs when they graduate. At UConn Stamford you work hard and play hard. It is a fabulous place.