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Visiting Campus

Students socializing outside in a park at UConn Stamford

UConn Stamford is a modern facility with small classrooms, distance learning opportunities, up-to-date science labs, art gallery, Library Learning Commons, ELC (Experimental Learning Collaborative), Fitness Center, and Sports Club.

The Stamford campus is located at the heart of downtown Stamford. Stamford was voted #1 city in Connecticut, with exciting shops, restaurants, theaters, and movies. It has easy access from I95, Merritt Parkway, and the train station with a free shuttle to campus from the station Monday through Thursday. For more information about visiting Stamford, check out the Downtown Special Services District website as well as the “Visitors” website from the City of Stamford.

Campus Tours

Your UConn Stamford adventure begins at our Welcome Center! We offer student-led campus tours for students and their families. Campus tours are offered year-round and are available on select days between Monday and Saturday. On the Campus Tour, students and their families will also have an opportunity to visit our Residential Hall. Please plan to be with us for 90 minutes. You campus tour will also include an Information Session with one of our Admissions Team Members. We are looking forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Digital Media and Design Tours

We are excited to offer tours of our UConn Stamford Digital Media and Design space. Come before our Tuesday Night Campus Tour at 5 p.m., to learn more about the program and it’s concentrations. You'll also have a chance to visit it’s unique space, which includes a film studio, social media command center, and a state of the art Mac Lab.

Please call 203-251-8541 or email us to RSVP for this special tour.

Enriching your UConn Experience

Learn how you can enrich your experience at UConn Stamford. Engage in the Honors Program, a community of scholars who explore, create, and lead. Secure support for research and creative projects from the Office of Undergraduate Research. Apply for prestigious awards with the Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships. Pursue a project and plan of study of your own design with the University Scholar Program. Prepare for professional school with Pre-Medical/Dental or Pre-Law advising. Enrichment Programs can help enhance your experience and elevate your studies.

Please Note: The Honors and Enrichment Session will conclude before the Campus and Residential Hall Tour Program. If you wish to participate in both this session and the Campus Tour Program, please register for both separately. The UConn Stamford Admissions Office strives to provide the best experience for our students and families. If you have any questions or need help registering, please call us at 203-251-8541.

You & UConn

You & UConn Session: Are you looking to find out how UConn Stamford is a good fit for you? If you have never visited our campus then these sessions are for you! You will have the opportunity to meet with our Admissions’ Specialist and discuss your UConn plan!

You & UConn Transfer Appointment: Do you have specific questions about transferring to UConn Stamford? We are here to help! Sign up for a 30 minute virtual Transfer Appointment with a knowledgeable Transfer Counselor. During this session we can ensure all of your questions will be answered!

Sign up for your ‘You & UConn’ Session today!

UConn Tour Tips

  1. Bring your questions so either the Tour Guides or the Admissions Staff can answer them for you.
  2. Avoid High School vacation days as they are usually busy and fill up quick.
  3. Check for weather announcements at in the event of inclement weather. If UConn delays or is closed, tours will be cancelled.
  4. Check out our UConn Stamford and UConn websites!
  5. Plan to make other visits to UConn Stamford besides the tour in order to get a feel for what it really means to be a husky.
  6. Bring a family member or two, this will allow more questions to be asked – your guests might think of questions that never crossed your mind but are important.
3 UConn Students

Special Guest Tours

This tour is the perfect fit for a current Staff or Faculty member that would like to schedule a tour for a guest(s) or a School Counselor or Staff member that would like to visit UConn Stamford and our Residential Hall. Check out the video of our Residential Hall. We are looking forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Specialty Events

Stamford Husky for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be a UConn Stamford Husky? This is your chance to join our pack for the day! You will get the opportunity to tour the Residential Hall, sit in on a class, connect with currents students and staff, and have the option to go on a campus tour! You may sign up using the button below. This program will be offered on the following days:

Select Wednesday’s and Thursday’s starting in February through April

Open House

  • Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 9:00AM-1:30PM
  • Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 9:00AM-1:30PM

This is your one stop shop to learn everything there is about UConn Stamford. We will have faculty to meet, specialty sessions for majors, a financial aid session, tours of our campus/residential hall and much more!

*If you need any accommodations to attend our visits or events, please call our office at 203-251-8541 or email us at

Skype UConn Tours

If you are a prospective International or Out-of-State student who wants to know what it is like to live and learn at UConn Stamford, then this tour is right for you. The tour will take place over Skype. On the tour you have the opportunity to talk to our Admissions Officer and be taken on a virtual tour of the campus which will highlight our campus facilities and academic programs. If you are interested in setting up a Skype session with our Admissions team, please email to schedule a time.

Group Visits

UConn Stamford provides High School Group Tours to college ready High School students who are interested in seeing if our school is the right fit for them. We provide a tour of the full campus building led by student leaders to show students what it means to be a husky.

We offer Group Visits for groups with 10 or more students, during the academic year from September to April on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

While on campus, groups can participate in one of the sessions below. If your group has a preference, please indicate this on the Additional Comments section of the “Register Now” Form.

  1. Major Game - Learn about the many majors and schools the University of Connecticut has to offer.
  2. Trivia - Test your knowledge on what you learned on our campus tour about UConn Stamford or College Life.
  3. Student Leader Panel - Ask UConn Stamford students anything you have always wanted to know about UConn Stamford or College Life.
  4. Admissions Information Session - Learn about UConn as a whole and what makes UConn Stamford unique. During this session students will also learn some fast facts about the Admissions Process and tips to applying.
  5. Lunch on Campus - UConn Stamford has partnered with Pieology in Stamford, CT which is owned by two UConn Graduates. Pieology can provide groups visiting UConn Stamford pizza for $6.00 per person.

Bus parking is located on Franklin St. between the UConn campus building and the Whitey Heist Park.

Natalia Smirnova

Faculty Spotlight

Natalia Smirnova - Assistant Professor in Residence

What about teaching at UConn Stamford do you enjoy?
I love teaching at UConn Stamford because it is a growing campus which has a lot of energy. Students are willing to learn and are curious about the world around them.

What are your current interests within your field?
I am concentrating on learning new pedagogical approaches to make my classes engaging, interactive, and interesting. I would love to inspire all my Introductory Economics students to become Economics majors and pursue economics as their career.

How would you describe the UConn Stamford student body?
The UConn Stamford student body is diverse in many respects. The students are energetic and curious.

What is one academic resource you urge your students to reach out to for help?
The Center for Career Development

Which event on campus do you look forward to every semester?
The Fall and Spring Open Houses because I meet new families and new prospective students. It is fun to see them at an Open House and then again when they choose UConn Stamford and appear in your class.

The Inside Scoop on Freshman Year

Mackenzie Pittman- Class of 2023

My name is Mackenzie Pittman and I am a freshman at UConn Stamford. I am currently on the Pre-Teaching track planning to major in Special Education with an interest in Educational Administration. I am from Hamden, Connecticut and live in the Residential Hall on campus.

How was the transition from High School to College?
Coming from a College Preparatory High School, the transition academically was not as hard for me. I grew accustomed to the college workload and learned fairly quickly how to manage my time properly. I also learned to utilize the resources we have on campus such as the Writing Center and Q Center located in our Jeremy Richard Library and our Professor’s office hours. I have to say living on my own has been the biggest adjustment coming into college because this was my first big step into becoming independent. The apartment style housing here on campus comes with a full kitchen, living room, bedroom, and full bathroom which has allowed me to learn how to take care of myself and my living space. Being in the Residential Hall, I am able to demonstrate responsibility and independence skills that will carry on with me after college and beyond.

What are some of your favorite part about UConn Stamford?
What I love about UConn Stamford is the diversity, not only in the student body but in Faculty and Staff Members as well. Coming from a high school where diversity was not as prominent, I knew I wanted to attend a university where you see a variety of students and staff. Just in my first few months of freshman year, I have met so many people from all different backgrounds and seeing a variety of groups of people celebrated at a school makes me extremely proud to be a Husky.

The Inside Scoop on Sophomore Year

Aileen Bautista- Class of 2022

My name is Aileen Bautista and I am a Sophomore at UConn Stamford. I am from Fairfield, CT and I commute to Stamford. I am a Psychological Sciences major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I chose Psychological Sciences because I knew I wanted to know more about why people thought, behaved, and felt in different types of situations.

What do you like most about UConn Stamford?
I think one of the best reasons to choose UConn Stamford is because of its diversity! The students here are all so friendly, and I like seeing students from all types of backgrounds. This was something that my High School was definitely missing, but something I did not realize until I started at UConn Stamford. The environment here is very welcoming, and the students here are  friendly. If you are looking to get involved I highly suggest joining clubs. Within the clubs you will find people that have the same interests as you and you will definitely connect with them outside of the club meetings. I am currently a part of the Huskies for Charity Club, which is where I met a good friend of mine.   I would not have met her if it were not for the club that brought us together.

How is your Sophomore year compared to your Freshman year of College?
One of the main differences that I would like to point out is that during the second year of college you will tend to have a bigger workload than from your previous year. This being said I suggest any rising Sophomores to set a plan that will help with reminding them about assignments, whether it is an app, a planner, or a calendar. It is very essential in order for any and all assignments to be turned in on time.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new UConn Stamford student?
As a student here, it is really helpful to seek help when you need it. All my professors are always willing to go the extra mile for me when I need it. Whenever I am having trouble with a homework set or need to clarify something I know I can always count on the help of the Professors at UConn. Additional resources are also available on campus to help students when they are stuck. The Writing and Q Center in the library, are two great resources where students will find tutoring in several subject areas, and advice when writing any sort of paper.

What are some of your favorite activities in Stamford?
In between classes, my friends and I tend to go out for lunch, go to the Mill River park, or walk around the Stamford Town Center. One of my favorite restaurants would have to be Fiesta on Main, which I recommend to anyone looking for some classic Peruvian food.