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Meet Our Tour Guides

Carly Brennan

Name: Carly Brennan
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Newtown, CT
Major: Business Administration
I chose to come to UConn Stamford for the smaller class sizes and the opportunities it opens up to me as a business major.

Aileen Bautista

Name: Aileen Bautista
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Major: Biology
I chose UConn Stamford because it’s close to home and I like small sized classes.

Konstadina Haralabidis

Name: Dina Haralabidis
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Major: English
I chose UConn Stamford because it offers a range of opportunities, from its location to the academic programs, and has many clubs I can be involved in.

Jia Hu

Name: Jia Hu
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Major: Communication
I chose UConn Stamford because of its national reputation and enviable student-Professor ratio. I cannot wait to share my adventures with UConn! Go Huskies!

Cameron Munroe

Name: Cameron Munroe
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Major: Financial Management
I chose UConn because of the the great academic reputation and location to home.

Alyssa Rodriguez

Name: Alyssa Rodriguez
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Bridgeport, CT
Major: ACES of Business
I came to UConn Stamford to receive a great education in business, meet new people, and have a memorable college experience!

Sahar Sajjad

Name: Sahar Sajjad
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Monore, CT
Major: ACES
I chose UConn Stamford because of its proximity to New York City, it gives me a lot of opportunities as a business student.