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Campus Tour Guides

Meet our student tour guides! We offer student-led campus tours for prospective students and their families.  Campus tours are offered year-round and are available on select days between Monday and Saturday.  A walking tour of the campus usually lasts about 30 minutes. We are looking forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Meet Our Tour Guides

Hadia Ahmad

Name: Hadia Ahmad
Year: Freshman, Class of 2023
Hometown: Ansonia, CT
Why I chose UConn Stamford: I chose to attend UConn Stamford due to its location in a bustling city environment with so much to do. UConn Stamford is also close to various internship and job opportunities. My major is political science. After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree, I plan to attend law school in order to pursue a career in the legal field. The best class that I've taken so far is English. English allows me to express myself as a writer and improve my writing skills.

Carly Brennan

Name: Carly Brennan
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Newtown, CT
Major: Business Administration
I chose to come to UConn Stamford for the smaller class sizes and the opportunities it opens up to me as a business major.

Aileen Bautista

Name: Aileen Bautista
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Major: Biology
I chose UConn Stamford because it’s close to home and I like small sized classes.

keila cruz

Name: Keila Cruz
Major: Chemistry
Interests: I enjoy photography, exercising, and having fun with my friends.

Jason Curto

Name: Jason Curto
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Redding, CT
Major: ACES, Computer Science
Why I chose UConn: I chose UConn for its strong academics, its availability to the city, and the numerous job opportunities.

Emma Grimsley

Name: Emma Grimsley
Year: Junior
Hometown: Mystic, CT
Major: Psychology, with the intent to go into Higher Education Administration
Why I chose UConn: I chose UConn Stamford because of how small the school feels, the beautiful new residential halls, and the city living experience!
My advice for incoming students: There are never too many scholarships you can apply for, as long as you meet the requirements you might as well send in the application! With online scholarship applications, making your Higher Education more affordable has never been easier!

Angie Guzman

Name: Angie Guzman
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Major: Psychology
Why I chose UConn: I chose UConn because of its class sizes and because it is close to home. I’ve always wanted to be a husky.
I look forward to making new friends. As well as join many clubs and attending Sports games at the Storrs campus.
Advice for incoming students: have an open mind when going into college. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for help. Make sure you stay involved in the school activities and most importantly enjoy your time in college.

Konstadina Haralabidis

Name: Dina Haralabidis
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Major: English
I chose UConn Stamford because it offers a range of opportunities, from its location to the academic programs, and has many clubs I can be involved in.

olivia kennedy

Name: Olivia Kennedy
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Trumbull, CT
Major: Allied Health Sciences/Pre-PA
I chose to come to UConn Stamford for many reasons. I am excited about all the Internships and Education Abroad opportunities. Also, being in a smaller environment helps me recieve a lot more help than I would get in a bigger class environment.

maddy konheim

Name: Maddy Konheim
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Westport, CT
Major: Business
Reason: The small class sizes!!! Uconn Stamford has a 1:17 student professor ratio.

Karen Lopez

Name: Karen Lopez
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Major: Psychology
Why did you choose UConn Stamford?: I chose UConn Stamford because of its small class sizes, clubs, and internship opportunities.

A piece of advice I have for incoming students would be for them to become involved on campus not only to meet others but to gain new experiences.

Jessica Osagie

Name: Jessica Osagie
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Major: Biology
Why you chose UConn Stamford: The reason I chose UConn Stamford is that I knew that with the opportunities and activities within and outside of the campus I would not only be able to apply for internships around but also be able to have a memorable experience in college.
One thing you look forward to doing during the school year: During this school year, I am looking forward to my new classes for this semester mainly because more of my classes are related to my major.
A piece of advice for incoming students: One piece of advice I have for the incoming students would be to always ask for help when you need it. It does not matter if it’s from a professor or a student. This is a safe environment, use it to your advantage!

Alexis Peart

Name: Alexis Peart
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Year: Freshman
Major: Biological Sciences Major

mackenzie pittman

Name: Mackenzie Pittman
Year: Freshmen
Hometown: Hamden, CT
Major: Special Education
Why I chose UConn Stamford: UConn Stamford was an affordable option for my family. It’s a university where I can complete my major and have a career right when I graduate from school.
What I look forward to during the school year: I look forward to gaining independence by living in the Res Halls and by meeting new friends in classes and around campus.
Advice for Incoming Students: My advice to incoming students would be to learn how to balance your school work by practicing time management.

sana rana

Name: Sana Rana
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Milford, CT
Major: Biology

I chose to come to UConn Stamford because of its location in the city and I am able to commute from home!

Sahar Sajjad

Name: Sahar Sajjad
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Monore, CT
Major: ACES
I chose UConn Stamford because of its proximity to New York City, it gives me a lot of opportunities as a business student.

malicka sylla

Name: Malicka Z. Sylla
Year: Freshman
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Major: Political Science
I chose to come to UConn Stamford for the fact that it is so diverse and overflowing with internships, jobs, and other opportunities! I love everything about UConn Stamford from the people to the academics.

DeVante Webster

Name: DeVante Webster
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Ansonia, CT
Major: Accounting
Choice: I chose UConn Stamford because of its location and the ability to ride the train to places I haven't seen before while attending a beautiful school.
Looking Forward: I look forward to making friends and seeing new sites.
Advice: I would advise all new incoming students to visit the campus before finalizing their decision to attend.

Rashana Weerasinghe

Name: Rashana Weerasinghe
Year: Freshman
Major: Economics
Why I chose UConn Stamford: I decided on UConn because its offerings of small class sizes, internship opportunities. and individualized learning, all aligned with the criteria that was important to me in a college.

Jaida Williams

Name: Jaida Williams
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Stratford, CT
Major: Political Science
Reason Why I Chose UConn Stamford: My high school, Cheshire Academy, was very diverse and family oriented and when I researched UConn Stamford, it felt very homey and close to what I am used too. UConn Stamford felt like the perfect fit for me.
One thing you look forward to doing during the school year: Making life-long friendships, experiencing new experiences, and being close to New York.
Advice for Incoming Students: Get involved, and get out of your comfort zone because these will be the best years of our lives and it will be over before we know it.