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Graduate and Professional Programs

Graduate Programs

At the graduate level, we offer MBA degrees through the School of Business. Our location enables us to develop close partnerships with all sectors of the community, providing countless opportunities for service learning growth based on real world experiences.

For admissions information to the MBA and other graduate business programs, go to the School of Business office at the Stamford Campus, Room 130, or call 203-251-8440.

  • MBA – UConn’s Part-time MBA Program is designed for students with backgrounds in liberal arts, engineering, natural sciences and social sciences as well as business administration. While providing a thorough grounding in contemporary management, it blends and balances technical rigor, management theory, practical application, generalization and individualized areas of concentration. The overall objective of the UConn MBA Program is to educate students to make well-informed and responsible decisions.
  • MS in Financial Risk Management – The MSFRM program is designed for business professionals who want to enhance their careers by fully understanding how to identify and manage various types of financial risk. The program will provide a unique blend of theory and practice designed for financial professionals who develop and direct investment strategies and/or manage the financial risk of firms, institutions, and private clients. While the theoretical component will be analytical and quantitative, the practice component will emphasize the behavioral issues and human factors in the design and implementation of internal control, communication and governance of exposure to risk.
  • MS in Business Analytics and Project Management - UConn’s MS in Business Analytics and Project Management (MSBAPM) is designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can harness advanced business analytics and project management skills. The MSBAPM program allows students to get the critical skills to address existing business problems and create new opportunities for small to global enterprises in information-rich environments.  MSBAPM provides an integrated curriculum and a global perspective using evolving technology platforms to facilitate and support the learning process.  MSBAPM’s home academic department, the Department of Operations and Information Management (OPIM), is consistently ranked in the top 25 in information systems graduate education (US News) and among the most productive and impactful research departments in the world (OR/MS Today, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AIS, and AISNET).
  • Stamford area residents may also be interested in the School’s online MS in Accounting program or taking MBA courses as a Non-Degree student. The School of Business also offers other graduate business programs at other locations across the state.

For Graduate degrees and programs in education at the Stamford Campus, call the Neag School of Education at Storrs 860-486-0240 regarding educational leadership; 860-486-4031 for courses in educational technology.

The UConn School of Engineering Professional Education (PE) program at the University of Connecticut School of Engineering delivers online, synchronous and asynchronous coursework, required by graduate students toward completion of an engineering degree or certificate; courses of interest to students and corporate partners who wish to expand their knowledge and those of their employees, with offerings of specific engineering subjects relevant to their current needs; and courses for practitioners and students who are interested in advancing their knowledge of specific engineering subjects in a non-degree path.

In summary, the PE program at UConn offers interactive and flexible:

  • Master of Engineering (MENG) Degree
  • Advanced Engineering Certificates (AEC)
  • Graduate Courses (Non-degree/Take a Course)
  • Corporate Education (Customized Training & Development)
  • UConn Boot Camps (skills-based training programs with a market driven curriculum)

Professional Education Website
UConn School of Engineering

Professional Education Program
P: (860) 486-4044

    For Graduate degrees and programs in education at the Stamford Campus, call the School of Nursing at Storrs 860-486-3716.

    Professional Programs

    The Connecticut Information Technology Institute (CITI), offers courses and certificate programs in desktop applications, operating systems, Internet, and programming, provides technical support and expertise.

    Non-Degree Study

    The Non-Degree Study Program of the University of Connecticut enables qualified individuals to register in regular credit courses for academic credit without being admitted to an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Non-degree students often are individuals taking credit courses prior to applying for admission to one of the University’s schools or colleges. They may also be students from other universities or colleges taking credit courses at the University of Connecticut for transfer back to their own institutions, or they may be individuals taking credit courses for personal or professional reasons.

    To enroll in any undergraduate-level credit courses, non-degree students ordinarily must either have graduated from a state-approved secondary school or have a high school equivalency diploma. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for enrollment in graduate level courses as a non-degree student.

    For further information, contact a member of the Stamford Non-Degree studies office below:

    Jennifer Testin | Assistant Director for Academic Advising