The Undergraduate Minor in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

The Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program’s undergraduate minor allows students to design an individualized program, which will add interdisciplinary breadth to their degree programs. Courses may be chosen from Women’s Studies offerings from a list of cross-referenced courses that is updated each semester.

The Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program is a flexible interdisciplinary academic program devoted to the critical analysis of gender and the pursuit of knowledge about women. Combining the methods and insights of traditional academic disciplines with the special insights of Women’s Studies scholarship, our courses yield fresh perspectives that illuminate the origins of and changes in diverse cultural and social arrangements.

Gender is a common thread in our offerings, but it always interweaves with race, class, and other factors that contribute to women’s lives. The Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program is committed to a vision of women and gender that is truly international and cross-cultural. Without this perspective, our view of the world is impoverished and stereotypes will continue to destroy our understanding.

Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies courses prepare students to employ critical learning in their private lives as well as in their public roles as citizens and as members of our complex work force, and enhances their ability to work with and for women to create a more humane society. Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies fosters interdisciplinary breadth and critical thinking and thus opens the way to a wide variety of career choices and graduate programs.

Requirements for the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Minor


15 credits of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies courses or courses cross-referenced with Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, of which one course may be at the 1000-level. Up to two courses can be counted toward both your Major and the WGSS Minor.  Students should contact full time faculty in the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Advisory Group for additional advising on the Minor.

BGS students may opt for a focus or a Minor in WGSS.  See a BGS counselor for details.

Courses typically offered for Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Credit at the Stamford Campus

(There may be others not on this list).

(The following WGSS courses also meet General Education requirements:  WGSS 1104, WGSS 1105, WGSS 1124, WGSS 1121/HIST 1203)

Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies 
WGSS 1104  Feminisms and the Arts
WGSS 1105  Gender & Sexuality in Everyday Life
WGSS 1121/HIST 1203  Women in History
WGSS 1124  Gender in Global Perspective
WGSS 2263  Women and Violence
WGSS 3052/POLS 3052  Women and Politics
WGSS 3102/PSYC 3102  Psychology of Women
WGSS 3105 The Politics of Reproduction
WGSS 3253 Gender Representations in US Pop Culture
WGSS 3268/COMM 3450  Gender and Communication
WGSS 3269  Women’s Movements
WGSS 3453/SOCI 3453  Women and Health
WGSS 3562/HIST 3562  Women & Gender in the US
WGSS 3998  Domestic Violence
WGSS 3998  Issues in Contemporary Feminism
COMM 3450/WGSS 3268  Gender and Communication
ENGL 3509  Oscar Wilde
ENGL 3509  Virginia Woolf
ENGL 3609  Women's Literature
ENGL 3611  Women's Literature: 1900 - Present
ENGL 3613  Introduction to LGBT Literature
ENGL 3623  Sexual Politics and the Family in Biblical Civilization
ENGL 3623  Romantic Love in Literature
ENGL 4613W: Advanced Study: Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Literature
HIST 1203/WGSS 1121  Women in History
HIST 3101W  History Through Fiction (Stamford Campus only)
HIST 3562/WGSS 3562  Women & Gender in the US
Human Development/ Family Studies
HDFS 3042  Baseball and Society: Politics, Economics, Race and Gender
HDFS 3277  Issues in Human Sexuality
HDFS 3420  Abuse and Violence in Families
Political Science
POLS 3052/WGSS 3052  Women and Politics
PSYC 3102/WGSS 3102  Psychology of Women
SOCI 3261  Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 3453/WGSS 3453  Women and Health
SOCI 3601  Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3651  Sociology of the Family