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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is a student organized and operated group on the UConn-Stamford campus.  Its primary goal is to help put an end to acts of violence based upon gender and sexuality.  This is to be accomplished through education, outreach, prevention, and by raising awareness to such issues such as, but not limited to, domestic violence and sexual assault.  Through the use of activism, ZT will work toward the goal of ending sexism and oppression.

Contact zerotolerance.uconnstamford@gmail.com for more information or friend us on Facebook at Stamford ZeroTolerance

Zero Tolerance meets in the WGSS Center, room 3.11, Meeting times TBD

Zero Tolerance’s Constitution



A gender and sexuality diversity club! Its purpose is to help strengthen and organize the fight for LGBTQIA rights and equality through activism, support and education.
Anyone interested in joining please email uconn.spectrum@gmail.com and like us on facebook SPECTRUM
SPECTRUM meets in the WGSS Center, room 3.11, Meeting times Mondays at 1:00 and Tuesdays at 1:00
SPECTRUM also has a weekly social/support meeting times TBD

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