Marine Biotechnology Lab at UConn Stamford


We study the ecology, systematics and phytogeography of economically important marine macroalgae and marine angiosperms, including studies on eutrophication, primary productivity, nutrient relationships, autecology, physiology and invasive species. We are particularly active in the aquaculture of marine plants and the development of new technologies for the nutrient removal from aquaculture systems (IMTA). To assist in our mission, we have been graced by some of the finest researchers from around the globe.


Dr. Charles Yarish
(203) 251-8432
Marine Biotechnology Lab
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut at Stamford
1 University Place
Stamford, CT 06901-2315



  • Laboratory for In Vitro culture
  • 12 incubators for seaweed culture (5-25 oC; 12:12, 8:16, 16:8 L:D)
  • Full range of microscopy equipment with video and photomicroscopic capability
  • Media preparation rooms
  • Clean room with two laminar flow hoods (class II)
  • 6 light-temperature crossed gradient tables
  • 60 L mescosms (20) with light and temperature controls greenhouse (24′ x 36′) at UConn-Avery Point
  • Nori and kelp open water farm culture modules (nursery and grow-out systems)
  • Seaweed recirculating aquaculture system in conjunction with Bridgeport (CT, USA) Regional Vocational Aquaculture School