Designing your Major in Psychology

Students begin the Psychology major with a thorough introduction of the field at the 100 level (PSY 132 General Psychology I and PSY 133 General Psychology II). Students are also encouraged to take introductory 100 level courses in related areas as part of their General Education Requirements for the University. These include Sociology (Soc 107), Communication Sciences (Coms 102), Anthropology (Anth 106), and Statistics (Stat 100V).

Late in sophomore year or in their junior year, students begin to take Psychology courses at the 200 level. Students must take a total of either advances courses in Psychology. These are distributed as listed on.

In addition, students must take four 200 level courses in the related areas of Sociology, Anthropology, Communication Sciences, or Human Development/Family Relations. In some cases, permission is granted for using courses from other departments as “related courses.” (Internships can also count as related.)

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