Core Course Requirements for the Psychology Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree*

The Courses in BOLD are offered regularly at the Stamford Campus of the University of Connecticut

Group I: Foundations. Both courses must be taken.

PSYC 202Q Principles of Research in Psychology
PSYC 291 or 291W History and Systems of Psychology


Group II: Social and Applied Science Perspectives. Two courses representing two sub-areas

a. PSYC 236 Developmental Psychology
b. PSYC 240 Social Psychology
c. PSYC 243
PSYC 245
The Study of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
d. PSYC 268 Industrial Psychology


Group III. Natural Science Perspective. Two courses representing two sub-areas

a. PSYC 220
PSYC 256
Cognitive Psychology
b. PSYC 221 The Psychology of Language
c. PSYC 253 or 253W
PSYC 257
Animal Behavior
Physiological Psychology
d. PSYC 254 Sensation and Perception

At least 6 more credits in Psychology may be taken from the courses listed above or from complete list of course offerings listed on the following page.

* The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is not offered at Stamford.

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