Toby Elberger

Adjunct Faculty

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Toby Elberger has recently joined the adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut where she teaches the course entitled Foundations of Biology. She also serves as an affiliate instructor at Sacred Heart University. Additionally, Toby is assisting the Academic Resource Center at UConn as an academic advisor to incoming freshman, over the summer months.

Toby holds a BA in Biology from New York University and a Masters in Education from Sacred Heart University. She has completed her education at The Autonomous University of Guadalajara School of Medicine. As such, the combination of her educational background and cultural experience provides a unique platform from which she enthusiastically teaches biology.

During the pursuit of her Masters in Education she reviewed the science section of a literary work in progress entitled, Encountering Children’s Literature, An Arts Approach, By Jane Gangi. Last year she was involved as a judge in the Westport Science and Engineering Fair, sponsored by Westport Science and Engineering Foundation.

Toby believes that successful teaching requires reaching out and connecting to students on a one to one basis; and that the best way to accomplish this is by teaching each student and each class with a passion and creativity that ultimately instills the same love for learning and that she herself possesses.

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