Matthew Worwood

Associate Director, Assistant Professor in-Residence

Digital Media & Design

Matthew Worwood is an Apple Distinguished Educator with a B.A. in Drama and Masters in Educational Studies, specializing in Creativity. Before joining the University of Connecticut Digital Media and Design Department, Matthew worked at EDUCATION CONNECTION’s Center for 21st Century Skills, where he developed a digital media sequence for the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and created a 3D virtual world using OpenSimulator. As the leading coordinator for the digital media aspect of a state initiative called Connecticut Career Choices, Matthew also founded the Connecticut Student Film Festival and established a variety of film and digital media challenges for middle and high school students in the state of Connecticut.

Recently, Matthew has served as a secondary author on a paper about Blended Instruction, been invited to participate on the advisory board for the 2014 Higher Education Edition of the International NMC Horizon Report (, and completed a documentary project that explores creativity in education.

Matthew also blogs at and can be followed on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Selected Publications and Presentations

LaBanca, F., Worwood, M., Schauss, S., LaSala, J., & Donn, J. (2013). Blended Instruction: Exploring student centered pedagogical strategies to promote technology-enhanced learning environment. Litchfield, CT: Education Connection

Worwood, M., & Schauss Sarah. Going Beyond Expectations. Presented at the NMC Emerging Leaders Conference, June. 11, 2013, Hilton Head, SC.

Worwood, M. Digital Media and STEM. Presented at The Digital Media Symposium, Apr. 4, 2013, University of Connecticut, CT.

Worwood, M. Creativity in Education: Going Beyond Expectations. Presented as Keynote at the Aldrich Art Museum: Creativity Seminar, Apr. 4 – 11 2013, Ridgefield, CT.

Worwood, M., & LaBanca, F.  (2012) The 10 Cube Challenge: Using Virtual Worlds to Foster Creative Thinking. Journal of Immersive Education. Boston: Mass. Retrieved from

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Worwood, M. Fostering Creativity in 3D Virtual Worlds. Presented at TEDX LitchfieldED Conference, IBM Conference Center, CT.

Matt Worwood
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