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Professor Sehulster received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Delaware. His most recent publications include work on autobiographical memory and identity; his current research examines conversation content and interests as structuring factors in memory. Dr. Sehulster has also distinguished himself in the Stamford community through his lectures on the aspects of opera. He has been the opera critic for The Advocate/Greenwich Time since 1986.

Awarded Faculty of the Year, University of Connecticut at Stamford, April, 2010.
Awarded Faculty of the Year, University of Connecticut at Stamford, April, 2009.
Awarded Faculty of the Year, University of Connecticut at Stamford, April, 2008.



Autobiographical memory, personality, experimental psychology, opera history.


Recent Publications:

Sehulster, J. R. (2006). Things we talk about, how frequently, and to whom: Frequency of topics in everyday conversation as a function of gender, age, and marital status.  American Journal of Psychology. Vol. 119(3), Fall, 2006, pp. 407-432.

Sehulster, J. (2001) ” Richard Wagner’s Creative Vision at La Spezia or The Retrospective Interpretation of Experience in Autobiographical Memory as a Function of an Emerging Identity.”  In Jens Brockmeier and Donal Carbaugh (Eds).  Narrative and Identity: Studies in Autobiography, Self and Culture.  Chapter 9, pp. 187-217.  Volume I in the series Studies in Narrative.  John Benjamins Publishing Company.  Amsterdam/Philadelphia


Selected Presentations & Faculty Colloquium Series at UConn Stamford

2/10: Autobiographical Memory and Identity: an exploration of one’s era.

2/09: Memory and Personality

9/09: Sehulster, J. “Evolution as a thought structure in philosophy, psychology, literature, and music before and after Darwin,” a presentation in the Honors Seminar. Seminar Topic:  Darwin in the Year of Science.

11/09: Sehulster, J. Puccini’s “Turandot” An Introduction to the opera preparing for Honors students, SGA trip to Metropolitan Opera

2/08: Things we talk about and the structure of autobiographical memory.


Opera at UConn Stamford (formerly from College of Continuing Studies, since 1998)

3/10: Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen: A multi-media lecture series in six parts.

10/09: A Survey of Russian Opera: a multi media lecture series in six parts.

3/09: The Life and Operas of Richard Strauss: a multi media lecture series in six parts.



Appointed Assistant Department Head and Coordinator of Psychology Major at Stamford, since 2002.

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