David D'Alessio

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Doctor of Philosophy, Communication, Michigan State University, 1997. Dissertation: “The Relative Impact of Mass Media on American Liberalism: 1945-1990” Major areas: Mass Communication, Research and Statistical Methodologies.

Master of Science, Communication, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, August, 1980. Thesis: “The Role of Satisfaction in Consumer Decision Making”

Bachelor of Science, Communication, Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, June, 1978. Minored in computer science; strong concentration in engineering.

Animation sequence, Grand Valley State University, 1987-88, 91. 16mm Film Production, GVSU, 1990.


Dave D’Alessio (Ph.D., Michigam State University, 1997) is Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences at the University of Connecticut-Stamford. He is a former polymer chemist, former computer graphics artist, former TV engineer and former animator. His research interests include uses of the World Wide Web by political campaigns and the agenda-setting phenomenon. He has published in Human Communication Research, Journal of Sex Research, and Journal of Broadcasting.

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences, University of Connecticut – Stamford. Fall, 1998 to present. Taught Mass Communication Systems, Design of Human Communication Systems, Principles of Public Speaking, Communication Research Methods, Television Production, Visual Communication, New Communication Technologies. Creating television and communication technologies laboratory at Stamford. Served as faculty adviser to Circle K, student service club.

Developed and offered Mass Communication Systems in an Internet-based distance education format (see http://coms.stam.uconn.edu/COMS135/home.html), serving students at three UConn campuses by Spring, 2000. Nominated for AAUP award for innovation in teaching. Developed Visual Communication course.

Assistant Professor of Communication, Arts and Humanities, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Fall, 1993, to Spring, 1998. Taught Writing for Media, Telecommunication Studies, Communication Research Methods, Propaganda and Public Opinion, Cartoons and Culture, Educational Processes and Materials, Mediated Communication: Radio, Mediated Communication: Computers, Baseball and Numeracy, Telecommunication, and Seminar: Broadcast Journalism. Served as faculty adviser to student radio station WLFR and Stockton Argo, student newspaper.

Created and coordinated communication internship program. Placed approximately 20 students per year in pre-employment situations with local and regional communication businesses and non-profit organizations.

Assisted in creation of newly-implemented Communication Studies program. Designed classes and curricula. Performed basic market research establishing need for the program.

Instructor, School of Communications, Grand Valley State College, Fall 1986 to Spring 1988. Taught Concepts of Com, Mass Com, Speech, Broadcasting, ComTheory, Media and Society,Telecom Technologies. Served as faculty advisor to student radio station WFNX. Assisted in creation of MA program in Communication.

Instructor, Albion College, 1985-6. Taught Mass Com, Radio and TV Production, speech. Served as faculty advisor to, and general manager of radio station WLBN.

Adjunct Faculty: Michigan State University, Fall 1992; Lansing Community College, Winter 1992, to Spring, 1993; Grand Valley State University, 1989-91; Aquinas College, 1989. Multiple teaching assignments including Intro to Public Speaking, Intro to Com, Basic Video Production, Persuasion (graduate level), Interpersonal Com and other classes.

Graduate Assistant, Michigan State University, 1980-5. Taught telecommunication technology, mass communication, intro to communication, Methods of Inquiry and other courses. Graduate assistant for Communication Research Methods (twice). Served as Administrative Aide in Human Communication I, Fall, 1983, to Spring, 1984. Trained and supported teachers in a multi-section introductory course.

Publications & Research:

D’Alessio, D. (in press). Adoption of the World Wide Web by American Political Campaigns, 1996-1998. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. (Fall, 2000, issue)

D’Alessio, D., and Allen, M. (in press). Media bias in Presidential elections:A meta-analysis. Journal of Communication, 90.

Allen, M., D’Alessio, D., and Emmers-Sommer, T. (1999). Reactions of criminal sexual offenders to pornography: A meta-analytic summary. In M.E. Roloff (ed.), Communication yearbook 22 (pp. 139-170). Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.

D’Alessio, D. (1997). Use of the World Wide Web in the 1996 U.S. Election. Electoral Studies, 16(4), 489-500.

Allen, M., D’Alessio, D., Emmers, T. and Gebhardt, L. (1996). The role of educational briefings in mitigating effects of experimental exposure to violent Sexually Explicit Material: A meta-analysis. Journal of Sex Research, 33(2), 135-141.

Allen, M., D’Alessio, D., and Brezgel, K. (1995). Summarizing the effects of pornography using meta-analysis: Aggression after exposure. Human Communication Research , 22(2), 258-284.

Allen, M., and D’Alessio, D. (1993). Comparing the physiological responses of males and females to pornography: A preliminary meta-analysis. Women and Language, XV(2), 50 (Abstract).

Greenberg, B.S., Heeter, C., D’Alessio, D., and Sipes, S. (1988). Cable and noncable viewing style comparisons. In C. Heeter and B.S. Greenberg, Cableviewing, Norwood, NJ (Ablex).

Heeter, C., D’Alessio, D., Greenberg, B.S., and McVoy, D.S. (1988). Cableviewing behaviors: An electronic assessment. In C. Heeter and B.S. Greenberg, Cableviewing, Norwood, NJ (Ablex).

D’Alessio, D.W., Plonskier, I., and Stoller, E. (1984). The videogame and the college student. ERIC Report ED 248 839.

Greenberg, B.S., and D’Alessio, D.(1985). The quantity and quality of sex in the soaps. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 29(3), 309-321.

Kaplowitz, S.A., Fink, E.L., D’Alessio, D., and Armstrong, G.B. (1983). Anonymity, strength of attitude, and the influence of public opinion polls. Human Communication Research ,10(1), 5-26.

Professional experience:

Operations Director, Galloway TV, May 1996 to August 1998. Maintain, install and service equipment. Recommend purchases, assist in developing annual budget.

Operations Manager, GRTV. October, 1989 – August, 1991. Maintained, serviced, and purchased equipment. Assisted members with productions. Coordinated promotional and fund raising activities; expanded scope and reach of each. Worked extensively with community organizations, especially in the area of homeless, peace, and veterans issues.

Archivist, Middleton Film Collection, GRTV. September-December, 1988 (full time); January 1989-August 1991 (part time). Catalog, organize, research and repair 3400 film collection. Solicited donations of 600 more films; arranged for public showings of films, and generated income by film rentals. Applied for NEA grant.

Production Coordinator, Main Frame Computer Graphics. December, 1988, to October, 1989. Allocate staff and resources to maintain high throughput, high level of quality. Produce slides from computer files, as well as some creative duties. Continued proofreading and creative duties on free lance basis through 1991.

Disk Jockey and Broadcast Engineer, WRPI, Troy, NY. May, 1978, to August, 1980.

Polymer Chemist, Schenectady Chemicals, Inc., June, 1978, to March, 1980.

Media productions:

As writer/producer/director (partial listing):

“The Sounds of the Special Olympics” (1985) Audio (documentary; 13:56) Aired on WLBN, Albion, MI

“Custer of the West” (1985) Audio (drama/comedy; 15:56) Aired on WLBN, Albion MI

“On a Frequency Far, Far Away” (1988) Animation short (science fiction; 2:53) Selected for Viewing, Festival ’88

“Rex the Dog” (1988) Animation short (humor; 0:30) Seen on “Hey Vern, It’s Ernest”, CBS, 10/15/88

“Raiders of the Lost Ub” (1989) Video (educational, 25:05) Honorable Mention, Festival ’89

“His Work: Iwerks” (1990) Video (Documentary, 23:05) Selected for Viewing, Festival ’90

“The Three Penny Operation” (1991) Video (Computer Animation, 4:15) First place, Festival ’91

Philo T. Farnsworth Award for Excellence in Local Cable Programming, 1991

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