News Article Submission

How to submit a news article for submission

In order to spread the word about upcoming events that may involve the public, the form below is THE method to submit a short news article relating to the event. Submitting a clarifying document in .doc or .pdf format will help clarify and enhance the publicity of the event.

The text of the submission should be kept short with little detail. The webmaster who posts the news article will link to any other document submitted. This keeps the space required on the main web page to a minimum for an efficient look.

Campus news article submission

Method for faculty, staff and students to submit an article for posting on the campus web site.
  • Author information

    Contact information should clarification be needed.
  • Content of article

  • Please limit the post to 75 words or less.
  • Use this area to submit a .doc/.pdf or a picture of any type to clarify your post.
  • Upload an image if you want one to accompany the article on the UCONN-Stamford web page.