HuskyCT for Faculty

The course management system that UConn currently uses is “The Blackboard Learning System™ – Vista Enterprise License (Release Vista 8.0.5)”. HuskyCT stands for Husky Course Tools, which UConn has chosen to simplify the way to refer to the system.

Use the Student Admin System (Peoplesoft) to request the HuskyCT site(s) you need for the academic term. The form for requesting the restore of contents from a previous semester can be accessed at the same time.

Instructors are encouraged to contact the Instructional Research Center (IRC), which is part of the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) for support. For more information on all the services and resources that the IRC provides and to access HuskyCT please visit the IRC website:

HuskyCT News & Updates

IRC Contact Information:
(860) 486-5052

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