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The University of Connecticut at Stamford is thrilled to offer the amenities of an English department of a larger university in the intimate academic environment of a regional campus. The creative and scholarly faculty of this department are prepared to engage closely with students in a community setting where individual voices can be heard and questions are answered. We take pride in our ability to provide one-on-one mentoring to help you discern your present and future goals.  Our graduates pursue a wide range of careers — from education, publishing, digital media and writing to finance, law, medicine, and entrepreneurship.

Here at the UConn Stamford campus, English Department students have the opportunity to work interdisciplinarily with the Honors Program, the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, American Studies and the Center for Judaic and Middle Eastern Studies.  Faculty research with opportunities for undergraduate coursework and independent study include African-American literature and music; LGBT literature and theory; women and drama; technology and mass communications; creative writing; religion and literature; and many other areas of study.  The department can help you with pursuing your current academic interests as well as exploring new opportunities in the field.

This website contains information about the department’s undergraduate degree programs and curricular resources, including information about courses, majors, internships, faculty research interests, and our various affiliated programs. If you can’t find something or need to contact us, please e-mail Stamford English Curriculum Coordinator Dr. Frederick Roden at frederick.roden@uconn.edu or phone (203) 251-8559.

For additional or university-wide English information, please visit the Storrs Department of English Website.

UConn Stamford Faculty:

Nehama Aschkenasy

Pamela Allen Brown

Morgne Cramer

Serkan Gorkemli

Gregory Pierrot

Frederick Roden

Francine Shaw

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