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Fall 2017: Move-In

We hope that you are looking forward to the fall semester at UConn Stamford. Move-in weekend is scheduled for August 26th and 27th. As an effort to minimize the traffic on move-in weekend we have created a move-in schedule that is highly encouraged for you to follow. For details on the move-in schedule and directions to campus, please visit Stamford Move-In details.


UConn Stamford is growing due to strong student interest in our well-established academic programs as well as interest in our new and emerging undergraduate and graduate programs, particularly in Digital Media and Business. The campus also benefits from its downtown location in the vibrant City of Stamford, and its proximity to New York City.

One of the major deterrents for students who would like to live in Stamford is the high cost of housing. The cost of a one bedroom Stamford apartment averages $1,900 per month and the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $2,700 per month, expenses that are beyond the range of affordability for most students.

With this new development, housing costs for many students will be reduced and much more affordable. Residential housing will also eliminate commuting time and expenses, enhance the college experience and increase student independence. Students will enjoy the cultural experiences, entertainment, and employment and internship opportunities in Stamford, while increasing time for academic work.



900 Washington Boulevard is 2 blocks south of the UConn Stamford campus and half way between the main campus building and the Stamford Transportation Center.

The building will be completed for the Fall 2017 academic year. The building is six stories tall and will have 116 apartment units. The building has an 80-person meeting room, administrative offices and a lobby on the first floor. Each floor has a study lounge, and the second floor has a large community center in which students can congregate and have events.

The maximum occupancy of the building is approximately 350 students, but because some of the bedrooms will be single occupancy, the target occupancy is 290 students. The University will manage Stamford housing as we do in Storrs, with an on-site Resident Director and on-floor Resident Assistants. 100 designated parking spaces for students will be available for a small additional charge.



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  • Living Room

Photos are from actual units in the residence hall. Each apartment will be fully furnished with bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture.

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