Campus Posting Policy

Guidelines for Posting Materials on Campus

Postings will be approved for University, Departmental or Registered Student Organization Activities and Programs only.

  • There is no posting for outside organizations/businesses.

All postings must include the name of the University Department/Student Organization sponsor.

All promotional materials for posting must be stamped with approval.

  • University Departments can obtain approval by the Welcome Center.
  • Student Organizations can obtain approval by the Student Activities Coordinator.
  • It is STRONGLY recommended that approval be granted before copies are made, and that you do not use a dark colored background as this will not provide adequate visibility for the approval stamp.

Flyers may only be posted on open bulletin boards and white t-stands.

Posters may be put on the concourse wall near the café (using a minimal amount of scotch tape only), and using the tack strip near Washington Boulevard.

Bus Ads may be posted in advertising rails on the campus shuttle bus.

  • Format size: 9.5 tall, Must be laminated.
  • For further instructions, University Departments may see the Welcome Center, and Student Organizations may see the Student Activities Coordinator.

No posting allowed on glass, wooden, painted surfaces, doors, walls, or pillars.

  • Inappropriate or unapproved posting will be removed.
  • Violators will be subject to University rules and regulations.

Student groups, academic departments, administrative offices, and others posting materials are responsible for their removal at the conclusion of activity.

Please refrain from removing posted materials that you are not responsible for.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding specific materials, please contact the Welcome Center at 203-251-8400.

Use of the UConn Wordmark, Husky and Husky Pride Logo

The UConn Wordmark, Husky, and Husky Pride logo are licensed/copyrighted materials.  You cannot use, or modify these in your marketing unless permission is granted by the licensing office in Storrs.  Visit the University Brand Standards page for more information.

  • University Programs/Departments should work directly with the Licensing office to obtain approval.
  • Student organizations should work with the Student Activities Coordinator to obtain approval.

Additional Advertising/Promotion of Activity

It is strongly recommended that you don’t rely exclusively on printed material to promote your activity.  You should consider the following:

  • Email announcements are to be included in “This Week on Campus”
  • Stamford Campus Web Calendar (You may post to any calendar, but “Stamford Campus” is the one that will route the announcement to Stamford Campus home page.).  Submit your event at the Events Calendar website.
  • TV Monitors around campus (University Departments should contact Technology Services for posting information.  Student Organizations should contact the Student Activities Coordinator.)