BGS Student Testimonials

Nancy Fortin

“The BGS Program at UCONN affords so much more than opportunity, flexibility, great classes and advisors, as well as an environment that emanates success—it allows dreams to become imaginable and realized.  As a full-time working adult student and mother of four sons, the BGS Program at UCONN has allowed me to realize and exceed my potential; it has made my career goals possible, and has shaped a future that knows no bounds.  The BGS Program is embodied in the words of the creative pioneer and visionary Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” 

Nancy Keefe Fortin, 2014


Breno Donatti

“Thanks to the BGS program, I was able to finish my bachelors degree in two years. Since I had attended two previous universities, the BGS program was a fantastic alternative because  I was able to transfer many of my previous courses, and I was able  to take courses in different academic subjects  like political science and anthropology.”

Breno Donatti, 2014



Rafael Santos

“The BGS program allowed me to acquire the skills I needed to take control of my life and get on the road to the career I want.  With the help of my advisor, I was able to set goals and a road map that allowed me to get my educaiton while balancing a job and family.

Rafael Santos, 2014




Ishray Jones

“UCONN educated me formally, opening channels of instruction to round out my life experience and prepare me for a 21st century marketplace. It has been an amazing journey.  One of the proudest moments in my life was getting my Bachelor’s of General Studies and then being asked to speak at our Stamford Celebration.  Thank you UCONN.”  

Ishray Jones, 2013