BGS Advising Tips

What is Academic Advising?
Academic advising is a process of information exchange that empowers students to realize their maximum educational potential. The advising process is student‐centered and will result in the student gaining a clearer understanding of himself/herself, and the experience of higher education (retrieved from National Academic Advisor Association (NACADA) website, Sept.2012).

  • Collaboration: Student advising is best approached as a collaborative endeavor in which student and advisor each contribute knowledge and expertise. The intent of this collaboration is to assist the student in the development of meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities (NACADA website).
  •  More than planning course schedules: In addition to guiding students in selecting appropriate coursework, academic advising is an opportunity for students to explore how their academic journey at UConn will allow them to fulfill career and personal goals and aspirations.
  • On‐going: Advising takes place over time and requires planning. Students get the most from their academic experience when advising meetings become a routine part of a student’s short and long term academic planning.

Advising and the Student’s Role

  • Establish an on‐going relationship with your academic advisor and bring any questions or concerns to the attention of your advisor.
  • Schedule advising meetings early – usually mid‐semester for the following semester. Please avoid setting up your first session just before your intended last semester, as you may have missed courses or resources you need in order to graduate.
  • Be mindful about registering for courses without advising. Although students are able to register for classes without meeting with their advisors, this should be done carefully in order to ensure that General Education and UCONN BGS requirements are successfully met.
  • Check your academic progress report for the University’s official recognition of transfer credits and fulfillment of both UCONN BGS and General Education requirements
  • Contact your BGS advisor for assistance and any questions about course requirements, internships, independent study, or scheduling procedures.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Although the advisor provides guidance with making appropriate academic recommendations, the student should be familiar with the academic requirements of the University and departmental plans of study. Therefore, students must assume ultimate responsibility for decisions related to course selection and academic planning.

Steps for Successful Advising

  1. Set up an appointment with your advisor by either calling the Bachelor of General Studies Office at 203‐251‐8550 or emailing your advisor. Please remember not to wait until the end of a semester to begin thinking about registration for the following semester as classes may fully enroll quickly.
  2. Prepare for your advising appointment.
    Log onto PeopleSoft  and review your academic progress report. Make a note of the classes that you need to take in order to fulfill general education requirements, theme, and other UCONN requirements.
  3. Check Class Schedule ( and make a list of classes that you are considering for the next semester. Check for prerequisites.
    Obtain permission numbers if you need them. Permission numbers can be obtained from the course instructor only. Instructor contact information can be found at  Faculty-Staff-Directory or the Welcome Center Desk.
    Note*‐‐ permission to take Business courses must be obtained from the School of Business Administration . Permission forms can be found on the website or call 203‐251‐8445.
  4. Graduation!
    Once you have registered for your last semester coursework, use the academic progress report to make sure your PeopleSoft transcript is complete.
    Make an appointment with your advisor to review any last semester items and confirm your readiness to graduate.
    Follow the Registrar’s instructions  to register for graduation.
    Refer to for questions about graduation.If you have any other questions, contact the Bachelor of General Studies Office at 203‐251‐8550.

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